cg horses

cg horses


CG Horses is the horse training and trade stable of Charlotte Girod. Her goal is to let a young horse work in trust and peace with us, without force or demand. Any older horse deserves a chance to learn new behaviour, when it is a challenge for the owner.

Charlotte is riding horses since her childhood and loves to be around them and work with them. They are such sensitive and friendly animals, they always make you aware of where you stand in life. She wants owners or future owners also learn or to keep this feeling.

She trains with the principles of trainers like Annemarie van der toorn (, in her eyes revolutionary in how horses learn and how we can train them without violence. The results are amazing, the horses are showing that these training methods work. Agression should not be part of training a horse. Besides this it is very important to have insight in the mental en health well being of the horse before starting any training. You cannot expect more from a horse than what it is capable of.

Having finished her education at in 2020, she is now a certified 'instructor horse and behaviour'. She has over twenty years experience with riding, amongst others challenging horses, stallions and young horses. To keep herself up to date she follows clinics and trainings and joins dressage competitions.

She gained experience at Equinoligica, racing stable John Smit & Sandra Vetter, Laurens van Lieren Dressage, Hippisch Centrum Groenraven and Stal Doorstap. The years before that she has been riding since she was seven, took part in several competitions (dressage, jumping, vaulting) and she was riding for years on two Thouroughbred stallions (ex racehorses).