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cg horses

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Campanero (SOLD)

Campanero, Andalusian gelding, circa 154 cm, born 08-05-2019. (sold)

Mamma Mia (SOLD)

Mamma Mia, KWPN mare, Insider VDL x Voltaire. (sold)

Via my youtube series 'Starters' you can get a glimpse into the training of Mamma Mia. Please click here if interested!

Laziva (SOLD)

For sale: Laziva, McJonnas x Johnson KWPN mare, allrounder, 25-05-2016. (sold)

Via my youtube series 'Starters' you can get a glimpse into the training of Laziva. Please click here if interested!


CG horses trains healthy young sport horses with a friendly character. The horses that are for sale are carefully selected and are suitable for dressage and/or jumping. All horses are trained with trust, in the horse his tempo and in an honest learning environment. We can create the basics that are needed to work with people in trust and let them understand what we want from them. Like walking with a halter and to give legs to the farrier, or trailer loading, a horse needs to learn everything. A horse is a flight animal and goes into pressure and wants to run away from anything that scares him. We want to learn them to go off pressure and to not have this flight response while working with them.

The young, untouched, horses are being prepared for the saddle and they have a bootcamp. This means that they get all the obstacle trainings that are needed. For example: getting them used to plastic and all sorts of moving things, walking on different surfaces, trailer loading, walking through a narrow passage, walking on the road with traffic, going hacking alone, to be able to give legs, to be able to spray the horse, etc.

There is no commercial pressure on the horses and they are being sold when that are ready for a new owner. CG horses likes to give insight in their history and training history as much as possible. CG horses is very happy to help the horse and new owner to start up.

The basics of all the work with the horses is based on non violence without force, based on trust. A consequent, clear and honest way of working is essential. Next to this it is very important to communicate in the horses language. To invest in a horse like this, you create a good foundation for the rest of his life with humans, this will also help for horse and rider to stay more safe. Safety is anyway an important topic while working with horses and that is why CG horses works together with colleagues with getting horses used to the saddle or obstacle training when needed.